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5 Reasons You Need Content Curation

Writing is hard work. Researching content to inform your writing takes a lot of time. Every aspect of content marketing takes patience, resolve and focus. Who has time for that? Anything that makes the content marketing process just a little bit easier is worth its weight in gold (unless it’s intangible and weighs nothing, then you can just assume it’s worth a lot). Content curation seems to be a big buzz-phrase in 2015 – and if you ask us, it certainly should be.

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4 Steps to Fuel Your Influencer Strategy Using Content Curation

Why do you have a content marketing strategy? One reason is likely so you can boost your website’s SEO. Another could be to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You could also just really love writing. There are multitudes of reasons for having a content marketing strategy, but a lesser known and used goal is to get on the radar of industry influencers. When you write content for your brand, you are likely citing other articles to support your points.

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