UpContent and Filtr8 each offer the ability to aggregate content from the web, but they focus on distinct use cases for deriving maximum value from each.

UpContent is focused on the marketer who needs the right content, at the right time to effectively interest and engage their audience. It also caters to the knowledge leader who needs an efficient way to stay up-to-date with their industry and have discussion topics readily available. These two audience groups are served the best by UpContent because of the unique filter options it offers: Shareability and Influence. These filters narrow down content to just what marketers and knowledge leaders want and need. The shareability filter scans the titles and content body of articles searching for specific psychological indicators that indicate a piece of content has the propensity to be shared among an audience. The Influencer filter factors in multiple variables that determine how influential the author or outlet of the content piece is. The end result is that you find the content you want very, very quickly.

Filtr8’s focus seems to be on finding good content based upon a set list of topics and then helping users aggregate it into a crisp, clean, magazine-like format that viewers can then consume or share with others – having it automatically refresh as new content is identified. This magazine feature is a great way of showing customers you are up-to-date with what is going on in an industry, but its focus is largely on consumption by your customer rather than a facilitator of engagement, or actual curation (i.e. you are unable to add your own insight and twist to the content before publishing). While Filtr8 has begun to evolve in this direction (Filtr8 recently added a feature allowing you to change the title of an article and the associated description or image of a published article), its focus is clearly on presentation of content rather than its discovery.


Filtr8 is a great tool for what it’s designed to do: get consumers to a site to read content they find interesting, without needing to put in the time and effort of writing the content or manually finding, formatting, and updating the content for presentation. With Filtr8, you can be a source of useful information that keeps people coming back to read about a broadly appealing topic. An added bonus is the ability to share the content over social media.

UpContent’s focus is on the identification and discovery of the ideal content for your audience. For this reason, the solution implements advanced features. UpContent is the tool you use to power, guide and lead conversations. It integrates the technology needed to find you the right content to share on social media at the right time, in order to effectively engage and interact with your customers and prospective customers. UpContent also finds the right content to guide you in curation: it often takes so long to find the right materials to work with and pull from when drafting blogs and articles, but it won’t take nearly as long if your search engine recognizes that you aren’t just looking for any source that is relevant, but only those that inspire engagement.

What will work best for your company depends on your goals. If you are interested in a tool that will help you find the best content to power, guide and lead conversations among your audience, please give UpContent a try. We feel strongly that we have created a newer, better way to find content. We look forward to your feedback.

Here are a few key points to compare:

Content Sources

UpContent pulls content from the sources you are already manually reviewing when searching for content to share and curate. It crawls blogs, news sources, video sites, Twitter and Facebook.

Filtr8 pulls content from media outlets, blogs, and various industry-specific sites. So with Filtr8, you’re pulling from the right places to pre-populate a magazine, but not necessarily from all the places you need to power conversations with customers and to build a relationship.

Date Range

UpContent allows you to search content from the last 24 hours, last 7 days, or last 30 days. Filtr8 appears to go back roughly 3 months. There does not seem to be a way to narrow the results by a timeframe.


Filtr8 filters by popularity, relevance or recency. UpContent filters by time frame and relevance, and shareability or influence. As explained above, UpContent layers two unique filters for searching content, Shareability and Influence, on top of determining the relevance and recency of the content. Shareability predicts and finds the content that has the best chances of being shared by your audience, which is very valuable when driving customer engagement. Influence serves you content that was produced by thought-leaders and by the individuals/brands that people within an industry listen to. This is always great content to share and to consult when curating; plus, it could be a great way to discover new influencers within your industry to establish a relationship with.


UpContent’s filtering technology was designed to fill a gap in the market. There are over 800,000 pieces of content being published online every minute – so how do you find the best? Our solution is the x-ray for content - offering a unique view into what the right content is and what will get you the engagement you are looking for.

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