We know you’re implementing exciting content marketing strategies–but how are you keeping track of your results? Too often metrics get pushed aside because it’s difficult to know what data to track and it’s too time-consuming to compile all of this data into something digestible.

That’s why we are thrilled that we discovered Klipfolio, a dashboard software that gives you visibility into your most important data and metrics. And we’re even happier to announce that we’ve recently integrated with Klipfolio to enhance your content marketing dashboards.

Klipfolio Content Dashboard

We love that Klipfolio simplifies all of the processes that come with measuring and recording data and allows you to view them all from customizable dashboards that can be displayed on web browsers, TV monitors, and mobile devices. With the UpContent integration, now you’ll also be able to add content feeds to your Klipfolio dashboard to stay up-to-date and knowledgeable about your favorite topics.

UpContent has provided two Bonus Klips for Klipfolio users, meaning you don’t even have to have an UpContent account to use them!

These Klips show the most recent shareable, influential, and relevant content for two topics:

  1. Digital Marketing Tech - Keep up with industry trends and tools to gain a competitive edge and avoid the same viral content everyone else is already sharing.
  2. SaaS Marketing - This fast-growing area can provide insight on ways to grow and improve your business.

UpContent Digital Marketing Technology
Add this Klip

UpContent Sass Marketing Technology
Add this Klip


You can also add a custom Klip with any of your own UpContent topics to your Klipfolio dashboard! To create your own custom feed:

  1. Create an UpContent account.
  2. Create a topic using the query builder.
  3. Copy the link for the RSS feed by clicking on the link icon next to your topic.
  4. Add the Custom Feed Klip from the Gallery.
  5. Paste in the RSS feed link.

Custom Data Sources
Add this Klip

And enjoy!

We highly recommend you check out the other amazing dashboards you can build in Klipfolio. We’re loving the Content Effectiveness dashboard, inspired by and built with help from Andy Crestodina. What dashboards are you using to track your metrics?

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