In between shopping and buying gifts last quarter, we were also busy putting together some super exciting updates and we’re thrilled to be able to share them with you first thing in 2017.

UpContent recently had one of its best months ever in November in terms of user growth, but you won’t experience any negative effects from all of the extra traffic and here’s why: Even with all of your holiday plans, you have been sending us feedback and we’ve been listening. All of the new features we have been pumping out really started to slow us (and you) down, so we took some time out of our hectic development schedule to tidy up the code which could be considered the backbone of my.upcontent. You’ll notice a huge decrease in loading speeds as well as less loading over all! And what does that mean for you, the user? Well, less time looking at our beautiful loading bar for one, and more time digging through our beautiful suggestions. We don’t want to disrupt your workflow too much, and we don’t want you spending more time in UpContent than you have to; it IS a productivity tool after all. So get out there and engage with your followers and spend less time finding your talking points!

Some other changes that you’ll notice right away involve the topic creation screen. Again, we’ve been listening to your feedback and we know it’s difficult to create a really robust topic. So next time you do create one, you’ll get a bit of guidance from the tool itself. UpContent now checks your query phrases for strength and quality which can translate into creating better topics and getting even better suggestions about whatever it is you care about. If you’re curious about the quality of the topics you’ve already created, click the edit cog next to your topic name, and see for yourself, because it works with your existing topics as well. You might find that your topic needs a little revamping (which is okay!).

Finally, you’ll also start seeing a new purple topic quality card in your results. Give it a click, and tell us how you feel about your topic. If you are unhappy with your results remember, we are listening; give us a shout! We are more than willing to help you craft a topic that even grandma would be proud of.

UpContent Feedback Cards

A Glimpse of What’s Ahead

Pair these new updates we’ve implemented with our upcoming news and blog classifier ArtClass and UpContent users have a recipe for success. The kind of delicious success grandma used to make! Using machine learning (unlike grandma) we will be able to better decipher the difference between blogs and news and all of the other content that is not either of those things. So, when you’re trying to set the tone of your social media post, ArtClass will help you narrow down your results to something more serious, like news, or more casual, like a blog. Combine a strong topic, utilizing ArtClass, with a sprinkle of filter magic, add a little elbow grease, and you’re going to have all kinds of extra time on your hands when you’re not spending hours a day looking for content! Stay tuned!

Check back for future product updates or read our August and November updates to see what we’ve been up to.

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