Inbound Unboxed

Though podcasts have been around for as long as we’ve had digital music, it took quite a long time for the vast majority of the public to catch on to the medium. But that was before Serial. Nowadays, podcasts are just as mainstream as blogging and video. Given society’s mobility (and short attention span), podcasts are an ideal alternative to content that must be consumed while looking at a device. Daily commutes, long road trips, and short breaks all provide the ideal opportunity to tune in to audio.

Just like Twitter chats, there are podcasts about every topic under the sun–even niches you never knew existed. (For example, have you listened to Mike and Tom Eat Snacks?) If you haven’t given the medium a fair shot yet, we guarantee you’ll find one (or several) that you love!

We are so excited to share that we were recently featured on the marketing podcast Inbound Unboxed, hosted by Nicholas Scalice. For those of you who love learning about new marketing tools (but don’t necessarily have the time or energy to try them all out) and hearing from industry experts, this podcast is for you.

I sat down with Nicholas to talk about the challenges of content discovery and how UpContent is the ideal solution for content marketers and bloggers who want to share high-quality content, but don’t want to share what’s already gone viral (or spend a lot of time doing it). We discuss where the idea for UpContent came from, how we got here today, what other tools we love, and share a sneak peek for what’s next!

We’d love for you to tune in and show your support for Inbound Unboxed! Let us know what you think.

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