Why do you have a content marketing strategy? One reason is likely so you can boost your website’s SEO. Another could be to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. You could also just really love writing. There are multitudes of reasons for having a content marketing strategy, but a lesser known and used goal is to get on the radar of industry influencers.

When you write content for your brand, you are likely citing other articles to support your points. When you do this – do you ever tell the person whose article you are citing that you mentioned it? Probably not.

Using Content Curation to Get on an Influencer’s Radar

You spend hours a day planning, researching and writing content for your target audience in the hopes of increased leads and sales. Hopefully, you are using a content curation tool to help with the research process and to free up some time. If you do use a tool, like UpContent, follow these four steps to start getting noticed by the ‘big dogs:’

This is not an ‘I cited an influencer and told them and now I’m done’ deal. To really get noticed, you need to continue to find ways to engage with these influencers – read more of their content and comment on it, share their content, and offer valuable feedback where appropriate.

The ultimate goal is to provide the influencer with enough value that they are ready and willing to share some of your content with their audience.

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