One of the best things about being a small team is the ability to connect one-on-one with our users. Whether it’s through our live chat or email, we are lucky to connect with people who are doing incredible things with their businesses. A few weeks ago, we received an email from a small business marketer named Clementine Holman. What initially started as a minor support question quickly evolved into a more meaningful conversation about more affordable and small business-friendly marketing tools. We were thrilled to dive into how Clementine converted from using Buzzsumo to using UpContent for her content curation efforts.

The Curated Community: Clementine

Though Clementine has her own full-time job, she also oversees marketing for her husband’s security business, TISEC Total Integrated Security, as they move into the home security sector. Her degree in marketing and advertising has established her as the ideal addition to the team; however, the job does not come without its challenges. As any small business employee can attest, Clementine has to consider both effectiveness and budget when it comes to investing in marketing tools.

In an effort to find a reliable “content supplier” for the many social media channels she manages, Clementine initially tried BuzzSumo, a popular content discovery tool that relies on social search and trending content. Though she found some of the features to be valuable, her small business budget restricted her to their free plan, which was too limited to be useful.

Thanks to Moby Siddique’s Inbound Buzz podcast, Clementine learned about UpContent (featured in episode 9) and immediately gave it a try. Her experience was positive from the start: “UpContent is much more small business friendly in the type of content you bring out and also in your pricing plans. Your platform is so much friendlier and easier to understand as well. It’s kind of a no-brainer for me, especially considering the quick response you provided to my support question.”

Instead of spending over $100/month on Buzzsumo, she plans on enjoying UpContent’s affordable $10/month Professional Plan once her free trial is over and loves that she still receives the content she needs to meet her marketing goals.

Like many UpContent users, Clementine also wears many hats, so it was important that she save also time: “Instead of spending a few hours every single day, I am able to spend a half hour to find content for the next three days. UpContent certainly saves time, especially when I have a full time job in addition to this, so I need to be able to juggle both and give each the attention it needs.”

In addition to being more cost-effective, UpContent also provides additional features that Buzzsumo’s free and low-tier plans cannot, such as the ability to sort content by date and save search topics. Clementine also enjoys that UpContent provides visualizations such as the relevance graph, making it really easy to see connections between content and drill down into specific areas within your search topic.

We’re proud to be a Buzzsumo alternative and help small businesses achieve their goals without breaking the bank or wasting time in the process. Many thanks to Clementine for her thoughtful feedback and kind words.

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