One of the things we talk about as a team is how diverse our Curated Community is, both in user demographics as well as in the many uses of the tool. In the past, we highlighted small business owners and organizational leaders and how they prefer UpContent over other more expensive options like Buzzsumo. Today, we’re pleased to share another loyal user’s story and how UpContent plays an important role in his work.

Motivational speaker, business and leadership coach, social media influencer, and founder of, Bobby Umar, embodies the true definition of a thought leader. Though his large following is certainly impressive–420k followers on Twitter alone–it’s his commitment to authentic connection that makes him stand out. His core values of love, gratitude, kindness, and respect are evident in everything he does, especially in listening to and amplifying other people’s voices so everyone can be heard.

Bobby focuses primarily on leadership, networking, personal branding, and social media, and he uses content–the creating of his own and the sharing of others–as the building blocks of his business strategy, one that constantly evolves as he does. Currently, he utilizes a semi-automated approach to reach his global audience so that even when he isn’t online, he can still provide valuable resources to those who are active. To balance this out, he is very quick to respond to nearly all activity that comes his way, allowing him to stay true to himself and create real relationships with his followers.

When looking for a solution that would provide him with the right amount of control over what content is being shared and on which platform and save him time so he could invest it elsewhere, Bobby was surprised to find that many other influencers were keeping their tools and techniques a “secret.” He found that rather uncanny, so now that he has found the right suite of tools that work well for him, he is very transparent about it, which ultimately supports the kind of personal brand he continues to develop.

Bobby uses UpContent, along with IFTTT, Meet Edgar, and Hootsuite, to fuel his content engine. After investing time in setting up his search topics upfront, Bobby has several content feeds about every area of interest that he then automates using an RSS feed or hand-curates from for each of his social media profiles.

Though you would never know it, Bobby claims he is not much of a technology guy: “I love technology and what it does for me, but I would much rather have someone else do it for me. But when I found out I could automate with UpContent and an RSS feed, I thought ‘Wow, that’s awesome!’ The process was easy, the team was very responsive and hands-on, and after we worked together a few times, I was set. Since then, things have been going pretty well!”

Having the ability to automate through an RSS feed eliminated his need to pay for an administrator to do that work for him, while also saving him time. In addition, being able to curate his content feed with the exact keywords he wants and the option to exclude what he doesn’t want is key.

We are proud to be able to support Bobby in his important and impressive work. You can find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter @raehanbobby. You can expect a personal response if you say hello!

Want to learn how to set up an RSS feed with UpContent? Learn more here or reach out to us at to learn how to make it automated.

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