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Marketers spend 700 million hours each year finding interesting and relevant content to share and use to engage with others on social. With UpContent for Hootsuite, you can spend less time searching and more time acting upon good content to spark informed conversations with your audience--all while becoming a go-to expert in your niche. UpContent’s unique algorithm helps you find the content that matters, not just what’s viral, by the influencers that actually know your industry best. No more passive content curation that gets lost in the noise.

UpContent for Hootsuite allows you to:

Access the most relevant and meaningful niche content based on your carefully developed search topic

Sort content by unique filters like influence and shareability, in addition to relevance and recency

Read full-text content, saving you the time you used to spend waiting for pages to load and closing pop-up ads

Take immediate action on news articles and blog posts by adding them directly to the Hootsuite compose box or scheduling them as part of your queue

“Favorite” content for later review


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