Finally, an x-ray machine that will quickly help you pinpoint the content you are looking for to power your conversations.

X-Raying Content Graphic

How Does UpContent X-Ray Content?

In 2012, it was discovered that 813,894 pieces of content are generated each minute. Each minute! And that was 3 years ago.

UpContent does what other curation tools do - it finds relevant information. But we decided to take it 2 steps further with advanced, specialized filtering (see section below) and intelligent content gathering (most tools don't take into account that corporate webpages and wiki articles don't power conversations; we've excluded these types of pages).

UpContent on a Laptop

UpContent is Fundamentally Different

UpContent is setting a new standard for content curation by using a multi-dimensional search and filter algorithm that has the capability to return just the content you need and actually want to post. A product of over 2 years of research and development, UpContent offers this unique blend of powerful filters:

Relevance - The content's level of importance/applicability to the matter being discussed
Content is analyzed based on the presence of keywords/key phrases related to the topic you created.

Shareability - The potential for the piece of content to be shared by an audience
Content is ranked using a complicated algorithm that scans the content headline and body, then scores it using tested psychological indicators that make a piece of content popular and shareable.

Influence - The content author or outlet's ability to cause people to "pay attention" or modify behavior
The author and/or outlet are scored with a number of factors that take into account their popularity, online authority and subject matter expertise.

Recency - Pertinence to the current state of the world
The world it is a changin', and so is the accuracy of content. The more recent the content, the better.