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Content Curation’s Role is Shifting: Our 2018 Predictions

We do a lot of listening at UpContent. It is a core element of who we are. Listening to our customers, listening to our partners, and listening to the conversations occurring around us. This listening has resulted in a great deal of internal conversation, and culminated in a reflection of how we approach the task of curating content. One of our proudest accomplishments as we have worked to provide you a solution that evidences our listening, is our interaction with you, the community of UpContent users.

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5 Content Curation Roles for a Streamlined and Effective Workflow

In order for content curation to be truly effective, it should be treated like any other major aspect of your content marketing strategy: purposefully, with designated roles and tasks for those involved. However, given that curation as a strategic pillar is still in its relatively early stages of adoption for many brands, this structure and personnel support has not been widely discussed. Whether you are a Team of One responsible for developing and implementing a new content curation strategy in addition to your other duties or if you have multiple teammates assigned to tackle the job together, it can be helpful to outline an ideal process and set of responsibilities to make the most of your curation efforts.

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