About UpContent Hootsuite App

Thank you for choosing UpContent. We are confident UpContent will succeed in saving you time and resources as it introduces you to a powerful new type of content search.

UpContent stands apart from the everyday content curation tool by offering unique and advanced content filters that specialize in delivering the most shareable and influential content for your audience. UpContent was developed specifically for the marketer who needs the right content, at the right time to effectively interest and engage their audience, as well as for the knowledge leader who needs an efficient way to stay up-to-date with their industry and have discussion topics readily available.

UpContent is the tool you use to power, guide and lead conversations.

UpContent pulls content from the sources you need to be looking at when searching for content to share and curate; it crawls blogs, news sites, video sites, and social media.

UpContent's Unique Filters

UpContent created two unique filters for searching content, Shareability and Influence:

UpContent also offers the typical recency and relevancy filters:

If you have any questions, issues or suggestions - we want to hear them! Please email us at info@upcontent.com.